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Oracle 12.2 Standby Database for Standard Edition Two

Published: 02 October 2017
Written by Johannes Ahrends

High Availability for Standard Edition Two

It's a nasty discussion whenver it comes to Desaster Recovery or High Availability with Standard Edition Two. Even though RAC is available there is no real Desaster Recovery as Oracle does not allow to use Data Guard. So the only real alternative today is dbvisit Standby.

... and than Oracle released Multitenant Database!

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Oracle 12.2 Collation

Published: 01 September 2017
Written by Johannes Ahrends

Reading the "new features" topic "Case insensitive database" for Oracle 12.2 it sounds as if you are back in the last century where data was stored case insensitive. But guess we are all on one page: that's not what we want to have.

In reality this feature is not to store data indepentent but to search and sort data independent of upper or lower case or accents. That's what "collation" stands for.

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Help, where am I? CDB or PDB … and which DB anyway?

Published: 16 March 2017
Written by Sebastian Winkler
About problems with Oracle 12c Multitenant Database

Back in the days everything was easier, wasn't it? Thus far you connect to your database and in doubt you send a query to v$instance or v$database to check you're actually connected to the right place. But since 12c the world is no more that clear. Meanwhile we’ve got the Multitenant Option and by connecting to a Pluggable Database, maybe you won’t get the desired result.


But for what reason it is such a problem?

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New Oracle Release Policy

Published: 02 June 2017
Written by Johannes Ahrends

With Version 12.2.02 the release policy for Oracle database will change drastically. During his keynote at DOAG 2017 Datenbank Andy Mendelsohn (Executive Vice President for Database Server Technologies at Oracle) said, that there will be no Version but instead Oracle will release a new database version every year and the version number will be the year. Now we got the announcement: The next database release will be 18 (due to the "Release Schedule of Current Database Releases (Doc ID 742060.1)"

This is nothing new because since 2016 this art of versioning is common for PSUs (Patch Set Updates) and Bundle Patches. The patch number is the date on which the patch set has been released, e.g. 161018 stands for the Bundle Patch from October 18th 2016. PSUs and BPs will be renamed as well into Release Updates (former BPs) and Release Update Revisions (PSUs). This change will take place immediate though the first RU / RUR should be available on July 18th 2017.

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Flashback PDB with Version

Published: 24 February 2017
Written by Johannes Ahrends

Flashback Pluggable Database

 Oracle 12.2 will be general available within the next few weeks including several new fetaures for Flashback Pluggable Database. But it will take some more month before customers will adopt 12.2 for their production database and we need some more experience with the PDB Undo management. Because thats the requirement for Flashback Pluggable Database. But you can use this feature alread with if your environment relies on Data Guard.This configuration might be an interesting alternative because it ends up with two individual PDBs - the original and the flashback version.

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