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Very helpful Thank You!

Actually I had no problem changing it, on Windows.. I originally installed with the new Oracle Home User Account.. Then when I went to create the database I realized that was not what I wanted.. So I opened regedit and went to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREOracleKeyOraDB12Home1 and I changed ORACLE_SVCUSER from the new home account to the old way: NT AUTHORITYSYSTEM and also changed ORACLE_SVCUSER_PWDREQ from 1 to 0

Testing the Migration from Oracle 12.1 to 12.2 and struggled with that Oracle Home User Account. In 12.2 the User can not be a member of the Administrator Group – in 12.1 this was still possible.
Installing the software with User “x” and change the registry entry to User “y” (the Oracle Home User from 12.1) will not work, oradim will fail with “DIM-0092 unable to determine Oracle Service user.”.
I had to create a new user and grant full control on the Oracle data-, log-, controlfile directories plus the network shares for datapump.

Thanks, for sharing your experience here. Didn’t check that “special” case with 12.2 for now. Thank you.

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