The Express Christmas Tree

Come along and get your free Express Christmastree. With a size of only 12 cm it fits in every living room. And it comes with all features of our revolutional christmas trees like the multifir or the column level christmas tree.

With a maximum of two electric candles the amount of power is limited even though we are not yet able to support LED. Its weight of only two kilogram (naked without decoration and candles) allows for easy transportation.

You probably understand that there are some limitations. E.g. it’s not possible to have more than three gifts underneath the tree and even though it comes with the unique column level christmas tree feature one gift cannot exceed five centimeters in size. But  other than that there are very few limitations. Diamond rings and bank notes can be placed without any concern. And to save space we would recommend to use silken wrapping paper because the tree might not be visible otherwise.

Of course you can export the gifts to one of our regular christmas trees. But keep in mind that the import underneath the express christmas tree is impossible. We have a very special offer to overcome this limitation: we will fold your gifts in a way that will fit underneath the beautiful EXX (Express Xmas Tree).

We wish you a joyful Christmas season

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