The Autonomous Christmas Tree (2017)

The Autonomous Christmastree

The Autonomous Christmas Tree

Over the past years we offered a rich and innovative set on Christmas equipment for fantastic prices. But this year is revolutionary: the Autonomous Christmas tree has arrived!

Don’t care any longer about getting a cold while searching for the perfect tree, the cumbersome decoration and the crying kids because the Christmas presents are not the right ones. Our Christmas tree with AI (Artificial Illumination) appears from the Christmas Cloud as if drawn by an invisible hand straight into your living room at the correct place. By highly flexible carbon fibre the tree automatically adapts to the room size (approx. 25% of effective area). Of course the Christmastree includes all options we offered over the past years like the Multitannen (Multi Firs) Database and the Column Level Christmas tree. More than that: the tree independently detects when it is time for decorating. Based on the mood in the room the candles will blaze most colorful and when time has come on Christmas day the presents will lie properly wrapped under the tree. If, against all odds, there would be any deficiency in the  choice of the presents, it’s no longer a problem: the tree can be patched online at any time and without the need to switch off the candles. Immediately the entire product range of our Cloud Christmas Store will be available for you. Based on our brand new automatic performance tuning also in extended families (5 persons or more) nobody will have to wait for his or her presents. Every day until January 6th the Christmastree will blaze in all its full glory and based on the weather conditions it will change it’s “dress” appropriately. The color palette of the needles ranges from light blue on a sunny day over pink during rainy periods to lime green when it’s snowing. On January 7th the tree will automatically delete itself from the living room by deflagration. Please make sure that no kids and pets are in close proximity on this day.

Because of the expected high demand we also extended our Cloud services. You can submit your credit card at four different store locations in your area. We’ll do the rest.

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