Multitenant for Everybody

At the Openworld conference 2019 Oracle announced that Oracle 19c will allow up to three pluggable database per database on both Enterprise and Standard Edition. If you take a look into the licensing guide it says:
“For all offerings, if you are not licensed for Oracle Multitenant, then you may have up to 3 PDBs in a given container database at any time.”

What does that mean?

First it says that it might be time to upgrade to version 19c, also known as, because this release is the so called “Long Term Support Release” with a standard support until 2023. So there’s still some time to relax before you need to upgrade again.

Additionally it says that you should take a closer look into the Multitenant Architecture if you haven’t done yet. Schema management, scripting, tns-aliases, several tried and tested strategies might have changed and need to be reviewed if you want to take profit from Multitenant Database. And Oracle 19c will be the final release which supports the NON-CDB (so the classical) architecture. During Openworld conference Oracle also announced that version 20 will solely support the Multitenant Architecture.

Finally it’s a way to make better use of the resoures. Because in our projects we found that Multitenant with multiple Pluggable Databases will make better use of SGA and CPUs. Especially if you run your databases on VMware, in which often one guest serves one databases, the consolidation with Multitenant will free up some VMs.

CarajanDB has serveral years of experience with Multietnant database. So we can assist with the implementation and migration. With one day workshop we can multiply your knowledge in this area.

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